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Welcome Back My Friends…

… To the show that never really gets started, does it?

Change is good, or so they tell me
Change is good, or so they tell me (image via: LinkedIn)

It’s time for a change. Between dealing with schedule tweaks at work and a complete inability to put together any long form thoughts to post, it struck me that I really need to change things around here. Its getting rather dusty. The cobwebs are starting to gather cobwebs. It’s about damn time I start using this as the outlet it’s intended to be.

Change of Plans, RIP Keto

The keto diet experiment is over before it even began. The goals now are portion control and exercise. While both are important things to strive for, exercise seems slightly more so, for me. I don’t eat massive amounts of food all the time, but when it happens, I can get pretty stupid. There’s more walking to my daily routines now. It helps, but more than extra steps are needed. A gym membership didn’t work the first time I tried, I doubt it’ll work now. At-home exercise; it’s just as easy to procrastinate on, but cheaper than a membership, so that’s a plus.

Change For The Better

My 40th birthday is creeping up on me. Less than 2 years away. 18 months actually, but who’s counting, but it still weighs on me as if it was next week. Maybe. Just maybe, I can make these changes sooner than later, and my 40th will be a lot less scary by the time it gets here.

I want to start documenting my plans and their outcomes. The thought of turning 40 hurts my brain sometimes, but, if I can make the last leg of the journey towards it, a positive one, than it won’t be all bad. Will it? The first change I hopefully won’t screw up, is posting more than once every two months.

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