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This is What 40 Feels Like …

Holy crap! It looks like a haunted house around here. Dust everywhere, a few broken windows, some weird thing staring at me from the corner of the room … Moving on!

This will likely not be the first of many posts to come. I’ve been down this road too many times to attempt anything that even remotely sounds like a promise of regular writing, but I’d like to try. I remember when I used my little corner on the edge of cyberspace to vent and bitch about the most mundane of things. It kept me active, if nothing else. Seeing as this has never been a place which was frequented by the denizens of the information superhighway, it was almost a therapeutic stream of consciousness . Nowadays, it feels more like I’m just lost in an ever growing pile of spam, in my inbox and everyday life. I’d blame that on turning 40, but let’s face it, it started a long time ago.

I’m left with the uneasiness that was my approaching 40th birthday and now the subsequent dealings with its aftermath. Aftermath makes it sound like a disaster, when in actuality it’s probably more like a rainy day. A bit annoying, but tolerable in the bigger picture. What to do now. Taking stock of my life, the biggest change needed is taking better care of myself. Exercise and nutrition. Great in theory, but its the putting it into practice that’s the most difficult. A gym membership? Walk around the neighborhood a few thousand times? Home exercise equipment? Not likely, maybe and where the hell would I find space for something that would eventually just turn into something else to hang my clothes on? All kidding aside, I need to do something and I really need to do it soon. I’m not getting any younger.

On other notes, I’ve been dealing with a promotion at work a year ago. It was momentarily derailed and then relocated after Halloween. Now, I feel stuck in a rut of where to go from here. I’ve been in this business for 20 years, am no where near financially stable and have no higher education to speak of. I think branching into something else would be a wonderful change of scenery, but how, and where and … How!? All these questions, and more! On the next installment of Lost in Spam. Stay tuned. Rick and Morty may come back before I do, but, maybe I’ll surprise myself.

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