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I Quit Smoking and Started Vaping!

Vaping Saved My Life

A little over a year ago, my wife and I walked into a neighborhood vape shop. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. See, I’d tried many times to quit smoking. A month here, a couple of months there, and I’d be back at the gas station picking up a pack of cigarettes. All tolled, I smoked for about 20 years. About a pack a day, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.

Vaping Saved My LifeThe first trip to a vape shop was enlightening. Thanks to a great shop owner who walked us through everything. He welcomed us in and  didn’t bully us into spending half a paycheck on some top of the line mod. He got us each started very simple, with a Kangertech, if I remember correctly. We sampled a bunch of different juices. I settled on a candy flavor that tasted just like Swedish Fish. Veronica ended up with something watermelon.

I’d like to say I started vaping and never looked back, but that’d be a lie. For the rest 2016, I smoked and vaped. About half a pack a day, it was an improvement. Starting this past new year, I finally gave up smoking completely. Six and a half months have passed and its the longest I’ve gone without a cigarette, by far, since I took up the habit at 15 years old. Since that very first mod, I’ve upgraded first to a iStick Pico/Aspire Cleito and more recently to the Smok Alien 220/iJoy Limitless RDTA plus. If you’re thinking of starting to vape. I can’t recommend Aspire Cleito coils, enough. I got the best life out of them, before I moved up to the rebuildable drip tank atomizer.

More On My Decision to Quit

I watched my dad smoke over three packs a day since I was old enough to remember and somehow he managed to quit in June of 2015 with the help of e-cigarettes. I tried them too, but ultimately failed. I give them the credit they’re due, because at least Dads last 15 months were smoke free.

Dad spent the last few years trying to convince me to quit completely. He didn’t want me to end up like him. The hacking up a lung every few minutes, always short of breath, etc. I was beginning to feel that heavy chest, the smokers cough, the shortness of breath. All those things, plus the god awful price of cigarettes were all a giant-sized kick in the butt, to do something.

The last straw though, was actually when Dad passed away. We talked with the doctors and nurses about what ultimately was one of the last straws for Dads body. So, after the memorials and spreading of his ashes, I determined it was time to hopefully do him proud and kick the habit once and for all. I still get a craving for a cigarette occasionally, but I haven’t caved in. And, every time I don’t cave, I feel better about my decision to quit. Veronica still balances both, and that’s OK. One day, she’ll give up the cigarettes too. All in due time, when she’s ready. As for me, I sleep and breathe better, food tastes better and my sense of smell has improved. I can spot a smoker from a mile away.

Shout out to Chicago Vape Life/All Vape Monkeys in Harwood Heights, IL. If you’re in the area, stop in and see Arie. He’ll treat you right.

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