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Finding Good In A Sad Situation

Veronica never visited California before. I was determined to make a few happy memories for her, even if we were surrounded with the sadness of spreading dads ashes. On our first full day on the west coast, I managed to accomplish that. Finding good in a sad situation took us 80 miles south to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Veronica is an animal lover, so there was no better choice, the park was remarkable. So many animals to see, some weren’t enclosed in anything and came right up to us. Others, we were able to go to them. A swarm of lorikeets found Veronica with two cups of nectar and wasted little time attaching themselves to her. She walked into an enclosure to visit with and pet goats and snapped pictures of everything from ducks to a cheetah cub.

At first, I was taken aback by the cost of entering the park. At $50 per person, I thought it was steep, but after four hours walking around, I’m very glad we spent it. As attractions go, the souvenirs weren’t overly priced, the food was decent and the weather, as is the norm in California, was amazing.

Captain Jacks, a quaint little restaurant on a street corner in Sunset Beach. The setting for our Friday night dinner with the rest of the family. A delicious meal even if I’m not a seafood fan. We all ate until we could barely move. As the only non-seafood eater of the group, I can’t recommend the Filet Mignon enough, it melted in my mouth. Saturday afternoon brought more great food. We ate lunch at The Longboard on Main St in Huntington Beach. Baja Chicken Sandwich all the way. Outdoor eating in the patio, sports on the TVs all around us. Afterwards, a short walk down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Finding good in a sad situation was easier than I imagined it would be. I’m grateful for the wonderful weather and great family to share it with. After five days in sunny, Southern California, Veronica can’t wait to return for another visit. I’m just not sure if that’s for the food, the animals or the weather

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