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Final Journey

Hi Dad. On Saturday afternoon, we helped you complete your final journey. Veronica and I boarded a plane to California a week ago, today. We met up with Greg, Matt, Tina and Heather on Friday for a great dinner and to share memories of you. The following morning we set out to spread your ashes. After two days of considerable wind, the weather was great. I was afraid it would be too chilly on the water, making it physically uncomfortable instead of just emotionally so. Something tells me we have you to thank for the pleasant temperature. You always made it abundantly clear, you wanted to be laid to rest with Uncle Al. We weren’t going to disappoint you and thankfully, neither did the weather.

Trudging through your belongings seems so wrong, all along expecting you to come walking thru that door. Nothing has felt right without you here with us. The holidays are upon us, but they seem just like any other day, now. Bowling hasn’t been the same either. There’s nobody to talk sports with, in the way you and I always did. Sue and the kids are doing as well as you might expect, like the rest of us, they have good days and bad.

It’s proven very difficult to put into words how I’m doing mentally and emotionally over these last few months. The memorials were sad, yet somewhat soothing. Veronica has been a rock and Mom, Marv and Ma have been incredible as well. But, through everything, nothing has helped to close this hole deep within me. I know in time the pain will lessen, yet the hole will remain. Memories of you are all around us and the more I think about them, the more it hurts.

If there’s one thing that can bring even the slightest glint of a smile to my face, its knowing how loved you were by more than just those of us closest to you. You touched so many lives, in many ways. Your Final Journey was certainly not when you’d expected it, nor did anyone else. But, I hope it was to your liking.

I Love You Dad.

I miss you.

I’ll never stop missing you.

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