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Do You Know What Time It Is!?

Time For Everyone Else to Sleep…

I’m awake, at 3:15am. Thanks to my temporary new work schedule. I was thrust into a supervisory role. I welcome the extra money, so this isn’t a complaining post. More of an, I’m bored with time on my hands, and everybody else is asleep because they work in the daytime, kind of posts.

Time Is On My Side, Except When It Isn’t

This is what day time looks like?
Oh, the Sun, I remember you

I spent over 5 years working overnights. Almost exactly one year ago, I was preparing to rejoin the daywalkers. I felt like a vampire. So it was a welcome change as sleeping during the day was never easy for me. My brain always seemed to overrule the need for sleep. It didn’t matter how dark the room was, I’d end up spending most of the late afternoon and early evening switching between staring at the ceiling and at the clock. When I would finally sleep, I’d get a solid four or five hours. It wasn’t fun, but somehow I functioned, most days.

My Time Is Now

The opportunity arose to work 1st shift and start my days at 8am, instead of ending them around that time. It had been so long, I’d actually forgotten what it was like to sleep like a normal person. I interact with so many employees who I rarely got to see on overnights. Most people thought I was a new employee and would be shocked when they found out how long I’ve worked there. The top benefit to working days though, is actually seeing my wife for more than just a few minutes a day. As a vampire, I would get home as she was waking and readying herself for work and then I’d wake up about the time she was ready to fall asleep. We were like strangers sleeping in the same bed.

On the 7th Day, He Rested, Sort of

Now, again, I’m staring work when, for the last year, I’d be punching out and going home. Working 2nd shift is something I haven’t done in about 12 years. I’ve been assured that it is only temporary. It’s not as great as working days, but not nearly as horrible as working overnights. Did I mention that we’re short-staffed? I’m in the midst of a third consecutive 6 day work week.

I get Sundays off. Time to catch up on things around the house and bowl, in the evening. I really can’t complain except that I see my wife only slightly more than I did when working overnights. The extra money is a blessing, so it’s a short-term sacrifice. Hopefully, at some point, we’ll get to enjoy a little of the extra cash.

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